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Will's Priorities to Move Muskegon Forward 

Will’s experience working in the legislature and in our community make him the person who can best represent us by strengthening the connections between the people in the community and the policymakers in Lansing.


Small businesses should benefit from a government that invests in local small   businesses. No economic decision should be made in Michigan without working people having a say. We must be investing in workforce training development programs to grow our workforce and give people access to quality high paying jobs. Businesses aren’t willing to invest here without a skilled workforce.


Strengthening Working Families by ending the unfair pension tax and working to reverse the tax burden on the middle class. By investing in a skilled labor force, we can create good paying jobs for West Michigan families.  


Promote Quality Healthcare & Reproductive Freedom by prioritizing preventative care, ensuring all Michiganders have access to medical services, and protect families from massive spikes in prescription drug prices. I will also vote to restore and protect women’s reproductive healthcare rights.


Make Affordable Education Possible by ensuring every child has access to a quality education and a right to post-secondary education, whether that be access to college, career tech programs, or skilled trade apprenticeships.


Investing in Roads and Infrastructure by increasing revenue sharing to ensure our local governments have the resources they need. By making corporations pay their fair share, we can invest new revenue into our crumbling roads and infrastructure. 



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By Mail

Please send checks to:

Friends of Will Snyder

1445 Winchester Drive

Muskegon, MI 49441

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