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Snyder Statement on Muskegon Casino Decision


June 15, 2022 Jason Colella, Campaign Manager (231) 343-6662

Snyder Issues Statement on Muskegon Casino Decision

I am deeply disappointed in the actions of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her staff. All we wished for was a simple signature, and that request proved to be too hard of a decision for her to make. The Muskegon casino project has been decades in the making. The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians did everything right, and this tremendous opportunity for Muskegon County was killed out of worrying about political consequences by folks on the east side of the state.

I have been advocating for building the Muskegon Casino for my entire professional career because I understand the economic windfall that it would have provided to our area. This would have provided an estimated 1,500 to 3,000 jobs and created nearly 2 million visitors annually to Muskegon County. With our push to increase local tourism, this is a significant blow to our progress.

Once again, I am frustrated, upset, and disappointed by the actions today of the Governor. I stand in solidarity with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians and am committed to doing whatever I can, whether as a private citizen or as your next State Representative, to support the tribe’s efforts. For any other candidate opposing me to declare otherwise is pure rubbish and selfishly for political gain. I vow to always represent the best interests of Greater Muskegon.

Will Snyder

Candidate for State Representative

Michigan’s New 87th House District

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